Flipping Out For Blackberry

Yes, it’s true fellow crackberry addicts…Blackberry has recently announced a version of the Blackberry Pearl with a flip cover! The phone will be available this week, although a price has yet to be disclosed.

Good move for Blackberry, I can’t wait to get one! This move comes as no surprise as there is mounting competition from the iphone.

Here at the CondoDomain offices the competition is clear, it is almost an exact 50/50 split amongst us, around half of us owning an iphone (If Tony will ever stop breaking his!) and half of us owning a blackberry!

According to an article by Bloomberg News, around 75% of mobile phones sold in the U.S. are the flip kind. Are you ready to flip out or what!?

Hey Tony, maybe if your iphone flipped it wouldn’t have flopped!


Source: Bloomberg News

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