Forbes Park Lofts (Chelsea)

Forbes Park is an exciting new loft conversion over in Chelsea, MA. The new loft development is located at One Forbes Street, Chelsea, MA 02150.

Forbes Lofts is being transformed into the region?s most visible model of sustainable development.

In the first re-development phase at Forbes Park, the four-story concrete Building X has been converted into 68 live/work lofts, creatively adapted to meet the needs of a new generation of users, and reused to salvage a beautiful and durable historic structure.

The radical re-design slices through the center of Building X with an open air breezeway, bringing fresh air and natural daylight into the heart of the building. As a result, all lofts have over-sized windows at both ends to benefit from nature’s free resources; sun and wind.

So What Makes Forbes Park So Cool?

1. Sustainable Design & Construction: Green Design.

2. Multi-modal transit options: Shared community owned electric cars, water taxi & more.

3. Wildlife Habitat Creation: 12 acres of preserved wildlife land.

4. Waste Management: Recyclable guidelines for owners.

5. Energy Initiatives: A big ass wind turbine on site!

6. Storm-water Management … and much more…..

Check out Forbes Lofts…we will be heading over there for a tour very soon and will report back more.

So where is this Forbes Park Lofts?

The City of Chelsea, Massachusetts is located directly across the Mystic River, just 2 miles north of the City of Boston. The industrial revolution transformed the once pastoral suburb into a bustling manufacturing center. Chelsea flourished and its ambitious, ethnically diverse population boomed. The City has an estimated population of 35,080 and occupies a land area of 1.8 square miles.

A fantastic view of Boston’s nearby skyline can be enjoyed from the waterfront and numerous hills and highpoints throughout the City. On the south, the Chelsea River and Mystic River form the boundary, on the east, the Chelsea River and Mill Creek. The City was first settled in 1624, and has a rich and proud history. The Tobin Memorial Bridge is the principal highway link with Boston, tying into the Boston Central Artery system.

Although noticeably industrial, Chelsea has many other important assets,tree-lined streets with affordable, well-kept homes, ballparks, playgrounds, excellent schools and a bustling, friendly downtown. Link to the City website.



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