Four Season Place Condominiums to get a facelift!

The Four Seasons Hotel and Four Seasons Place condominium’s complex occupy a beautiful and historically important location in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood. Built in 1984, the designers of the residences tried to ensure the privacy of owners and their guests by situating the entrances of the hotel and condominium residences separately.

Floors one to seven have hotel suites, the highly recognizable Bristol Lounge, and the most visually captivating hotel lobby in the city. Floors eight to sixteen comprise the Four Seasons Place residences.

Beginning in the winter of 2008/2009, the residences went through their first major assessment on the building. It began with a complete upgrade of the two residence elevators. As the first phase of this three-part assessment the work done included a highly advanced computer management system, and new cab interiors complete with updated chandeliers.

The second portion of this major renovation begins in the middle of March and will be completed over the next few months. After much planning and communication, this phase will consist of complete renovations of the common areas throughout the building.

Each common hallway will receive new wall coverings, chairs, crown-molding, paint, doorbells, carpeting and unit signs. In addition there will be more subtle changes such as wall sconces boasting new silk shades, and updated house phones. Newly commission artwork will adorn the hallways from artists such as Phillip Jones, Candy Nartonis and Michael Compton.

In addition to all of these upgrades, new cabling will be installed in the hallways for all units; CAT6 cable, two fiber runs, and an RG11 cable will be included.

The main floor lobby will receive a new concierge lobby desk complete with an elegant stone top, increased height, and Macassar wood paneling.

There are currently 6 properties on the market for sale:

$899,000 Unit 1514 – 1 Bed/1.5 Bath, 972 Sq.Ft. $925/Sq.ft, 1 Pkg.
$1,175,000 Unit 1204 – 2 Bed/2 Bath, 1,309 Sq.Ft. $898/Sq.Ft. 1 Pkg
$1,295,000 Unit 1007 – 1 Bed/1 Bath, 985 Sq.Ft. $1,315/Sq.Ft. 1 Pkg
$1,360,000 Unit 1110 – 2 Bed/2 Bath, 1,363 Sq.Ft. $998/Sq.Ft. 1 Pkg
$2,120,000 Unit 1008 – 2 Bed/2 Bath, 1,807 Sq.Ft. $1,173 Sq.Ft. 1 Pkg
$3,875,000 Unit 9017 – 2+ Bed/2.5 Bath, 2,199 Sq.Ft. $1,762/Sq.Ft. 2 Pkg

There are currently 6 properties on the market for rent:

$3,250/month Unit 9006 – 1 Bed/1.5 Bath, 915 Sq.Ft. Unfurnished 1 Pkg
$3,250/month Unit 1006 – 1 Bed/1 Bath, 937 Sq.Ft. Unfurnished 1 Pkg
$4,200/month Unit 1514 – 1 Bed/1.5 Bath, 972 Sq.Ft. Unfurnished 1 Pkg.
$4,900/month Unit 9005 – 1 Bed/1.5 Bath, 1,076 Sq.Ft. Unfurnished 1 Pkg
$5,800/month Unit 1012 – 2 Bed/2 Bath, 1,638 Sq.Ft. Unfurnished 1 Pkg
$6,000/month Unit 9013 – 2 Bed/2 Bath, 1,442 Sq.Ft. Furnished 1 Pkg

If you would like to view any of these properties, please call me directly.

Jessica Quirk

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