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Last week I wrote about a panel discussion that was taking place in Boston’s Back Bay regarding the mix of old & modern buildings in downtown Boston. Boston’s Fort Point Channel neighborhood stands as a true example of this blending of both historic and new.

FP3 Lofts located at 346 Congress St in Boston’s Fort Point Channel is a new condo loft development that proves to be an incredible example of the renovation of historic buildings by maintaining the original structure, but creating a new and modern structure. Both elements of the historic building and new construction can clearly be seen by taking a look at FP3 Lofts at 346 Congress St.

The original buildings at FP3 have remained with a three-story addition added to the top and a new building, matching the brick facade of the original has also been added. The old and new work together to create this unique Fort Point Channel loft development. The older buildings were built around 1900 and were wool warehouses for the Boston Wharf Company. Because the lower levels of these buildings were used for selling goods, the windows were built quite large to allow a large amount of light into the rooms. This is just one example of the unique architecture at FP3 Lofts. The buildings that make up the FP3 Lofts, both old and new, all have a variety of different floorplans, now two condos or lofts are exactly the same.

Just announced last week, FP3 Lofts and the architect responsible for the design of FP3 Lofts, Hacin + Associates, was one of the selected recipients for the 2009 Housing Awards from the American Institute of Architects.

According to the award:

Fort Point Loft Condominiums – Boston, Massachusetts
Hacin + Associates, Inc.
This 140,000 square foot project encompasses the adaptive reuse of two historic structures, the construction of a new building on an adjacent lot, and a three-story rooftop addition above all three structures.  The program includes 99 condominium units [with 8 affordable units, including 3 artist live/work studios], two levels of restaurant/retail and a lobby/art gallery. The new facade at 346 Congress takes cues from the restored facades at 348 and 354.  Together, the three buildings relate to one another with a progressive series of window groupings, architectural details, colors, materials and proportional rhythms

This is yet another exciting development in the progress of the Fort Point Channel and is a great example of the way FP3 Lofts were built in such an interesting and considerate way.

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Photo Credit: The Boston Globe

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