FP3 Lofts – Still Cook’in

FP3 Lofts headlined Boston’s Metro paper this morning and our pal Joe Laurano still has sales “cook’in”.  He notes in the article that part of this success was the pure volume of guests which have come to visit Barbara Lynch’s “DRINK” and “Sportello” restaurants which are located right in the building.

We are the most active Boston residential property;  we average four closures a month,” says Joseph Laurano, director of operations for FP3’s developers, Berkeley Investments.

Currently, FP3 — priced $300,000 to $2.2 million —  is more than half sold.

Healthy sales are due in part, says Laurano, to rejiggering promotion from “aspirational” — i.e. selling a luxury lifestyle — to “value” — old-school sound home investment. Still, there’s no getting away from the lifestyle angle that the upscale Drink and Sportello add.

“They generate a lot of folks to the neighborhood. In their first years of business, they brought in 140,000 guests. People want to see what the buzz is about.”  Continued… [Metro]

For more information on FP3 Lofts visit our website and see all available units for sale or feel free to call me at 877-852-6636 as I just closed on two units at the property recently.

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