Bobvila.com blogger, Katie, posted a nice little anecdote yesterday recapping her and her husband’s open house that they held over the weekend. Katie and her husband had a successful open house with nice weather, a good turn out, and even a few couples who showed some interest, but as Katie herself said, there was, as there usually is, bad news: “No offer yet. Today is a day I wish I had a Realtor. I would love to get some industry gossip from a seasoned pro who can call their agent friends and find out what potential buyers are thinking…”

Although Katie mentions that she and her husband have sold a house FSBO (For Sale By Owner) before, there is always that anxiety that rattles your nerves as you play “The Waiting Game,” as the article is so fittingly titled. Katie and her husband decided to list their property on boston.com, home of The Boston Globe, which is where many of the prospective buyers found their property. After this promising but ultimately offer-less open house, Katie and her husband are considering listing their property on the MLS, which would list their property in MLS-only and National websites, but it would also lock Katie and her husband into paying a 2.5% broker’s fee, which would cost them approximately $17,000. Katie concludes her article asking, “Right now, we’re sitting tight with our plan. But I’m curious, where do you do your real estate research: local or national websites? And which ones?”

Well Katie, as you probably know, (I mean you are a blogger) more than 90% of prospective buyers are doing their searching on the internet these days, so whether you are listed on boston.com or in the MLS, at least you’ve got the right idea. However, there are advantages to listing and selling with a particular company, say CondoDomain, which you may or may not be aware of.

CondoDomain got its start as an online, data-driven, lead generation portal, and has since transformed into a highly-educated, marketing powerhouse of an agency, with fanatical on-the-street agents. What makes CondoDomain unique however, is its firm grounding in Internet Marketing. Attracting over 100,000 unique visitors per month in each city, CondoDomain has the ability to reach potential buyers on the local and national levels through its partnerships with Trulia, Zillow, Realtor.com, Craigslist, Yahoo, AOL and local online newspapers, among 30 others categories. When selling with CondoDomain, know that we have the knowledge and practice to get you the most exposure whether it be through web 2.0, social media, or traditional print media, and expect our in-house marketing department to provide HD photography, access to our videographers, professional copywriting, access to professional stagers/interior designers/construction professionals, and traditional print and internet advertising marketing initiatives.

So Katie, want that exclusive agent-insider information? How about having those “seasoned pro’s” working with you to help price, market, and sell your property? Well, you should know where to go by now: CondoDomain!

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