Fun-Filled Fort Point Channel

Last night I had to stay late at work for many reasons. Not only am I lucky enough to work in the CondoDomain officies in Boston’s Fort Point Channel / Seaport District neighborhood, but I also rent out loft spaces in this area for events, etc. As I sat in the office late last night and would go out and about to walk my dog, check on my events, grab something from the store…something incredible really hit me. This neighborhood was alive!!

As someone who already loves the loft-style, industrial, pioneer feel to this up and coming neighborhood in Boston, it has always been difficult for me not to imagine anyone loving this part of town as much as I do. However, many people NEED to be in the action, they NEED to be in a bustling community, and often times, I hear the same critique….there is just nothing going on after all of the people go home from work at night.

Well…last night was not the case. At all.

The Fort Point Channel Business Networking Event was in full effect at Equilibrium on Congress Street, there local Fort Point Channel businesses were able to meet with one another and share what their businesses are all about. Just a few steps away, peering through the windows in Sportello at FP3, it was a full house. Swarms of people were in the fabulous restaurant dining & drinking the night away. Lucky’s Lounge was extremely busy as usual, as the local area watering hole, just steps from there down A Street, Chimera Lighting was celebrating its new location with a champagne reception. And last but not least…just down the little alley off of A Street a few employees from Equal Exchange Coffee were celebrating the end of their convention with some organic food and great music.

So who said this area was a ghost town at night?

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Have a great weekend Boston.

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