Gainsborough Street in Boston is a great Investment for your child

If your son or daughter will be enrolling in or currently attends a local Boston school such as Northeastern, Boston University, Wentworth or Berkley school of Music you should consider buying a second home or a primary residence for your child on Gainsborough Street in Boston.

Consider buying a place with a down payment while the interest’s rates are still very low and take advantage of lower prices today for an investment you can make use of for 4 plus years. I have a client who recently bought a two bed Condo for their children. We found a great turnkey condo on Gainsborough Street. Gainsborough Street is a safe street in Boston that has its own private security guards monitoring the buildings and the street 24 hours a day. Not only will my clients know their kids are living in a safe community they now have invested in a condo at a great price that they can hold onto for the long term or flip for profit when their kids have graduated. To top it off because of CondoDomain’s business model I am gave them cash back at closing.

Assuming you have kids that are going to school in Boston do you think you will visit? Are you going to come and sleep on the floor of their dorm room, or pay for a hotel room?  Why would you if you bought Condominium in Boston?

Universities are not going anywhere so there will always be a demand for student housing in Boston. For more information about safe neighborhoods or smart investments please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Please click on this link to find out all homes that are currently for sale on Gainsborough Street.

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