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Get fit this summer through these awesome deals through getsugar. Summer has hit Boston and now is the best motivation to get in shape…some pretty sweet work out deals around downtown Boston, with getsugar saving you some serious dough.

Currently OMBE is offering a special on their Pilates drop-in class if you purchase through getsugar before heading over to this Back Bay studio. Classes are limited to 6 people so that you will get personalized attention from the Certified Pilates Instructor. OMBE in Back Bay is currently offering a 40% OFF discount on new students to OMBE. OMBE original price is $25.00 for a single Pilates session and right now through getsugar a single class can be purchased for $15.00

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Need something a little bit more tough for your new workout plan? Take a look at this Women Only Fitness Boot Camp taking place in Boston on the Esplanade near the Hatch Shell on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 6:30am-7:15am for 4 weeks. And what an amazing deal you will get if you purchase this package through getsugar…saving you 75% off the original price! Join Jaylin Allen of AIR Personal Fitness for this fun and fast-paced fitness training originally priced at $199.00 with the getsugar price only $50.00!

Talk about getting in shape with getsugar…and saving money too. What could be better? Learn more details here

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