Get Organized With Getsugar

Get Organized with Getsugar This Month

Whether you have just bought a new Boston condo or are looking for a little spring cleaning in that Boston condo of yours…take advantage of this getsugar offer from Atmosphere Consulting for a little Closet Therapy.

We all know that a  lot of closet space is verrry important and can be a very rare commodity in Boston. A cluttered closet can create stress in even the smallest of your daily activities…getting dressed. With the Closet Therapy service by Atmosphere Consulting, Ann Marie will help you to resolved all of your closet organizational challenges, eliminate clutter, maximize space, know what you need for spring, and help you to save time & money.

These days, who doesn’t need to save a little money and maximize space at the same time?

According to the getsugar description of these services:
“Organizing your closet will not only help you keep sane, but you can make money by donating old items to charity, or consigning the really good ones that you no longer wear.”

Closet Therapy by Atmosphere Consulting Prices:
Original Price: $375.00
Getsugar Price: $280.00 (savings of 25% off original price!)

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