Going “Green” Has Never Been So Urban

For the first time in many years, there is more urban, new development construction as opposed to the typical suburban sprawl outside of city limits. Surging condominium construction inside city limits strongly points to several reasons why more people are choosing to live in urban condominiums than suburban communities.

You see everything “eco-friendly” these days, almost as if going “green” is more of a trendy habit than a lifestyle choice. However, regardless of whether or not it is the “trendy” aspect or the “lifestyle” aspect, more and more people are choosing more earth-friendly decisions, one of those including choosing an urban condominium.

Not only does the choice of choosing to live in an urban condominium cut down on car usage– whether it may be walking to work or more use of public transportation- these choices cut down on gas which is both economically and “eco-friendly”.

In an article published by Toronto’s The Globe and Mail, they are forecasting record levels of high-rise condominium units for sale for 2008 and very high levels for 2009.

An interesting side note in the article…

“Among the cities on a per capita basis, although there is twice as much high-rise condominium construction in Toronto as there is in New York City. On an absolute basis, Chicago has 54 high-rises currently under construction, Boston has 14, and Atlanta has 19.”

The Fall is here and we are now in the autumn real estate market. With the many choices available to buyers now it is important now than ever to utilize the skills and expertise of a buyers’ broker. A prospective urban condominium home owner can get the distinct advantage in a market where many buyers are having trouble not to mention that our flat fee commission refund offers thousands of savings at closing.

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Source: The Globe and Mail

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