Got Chickens? Bob Kraft does!

(One of Bob Krafts Chickens in a NE Patriots Throw-back Jersey)

New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft is making news this week and its not related to the football field. The Kraft family has asked the town of Brookline for permission to house chickens at their property in Chestnut Hill.

Bob Kraft has been a long time resident of Brookline’s Chestnut Hill area. Although Kraft is loved in the community for the success his New England Patriots and his charity work off the field, his request for raising chickens has caused quite the uproar!

The Kraft family is asking for a twelve birds to be held in an enclosed structure along with a fenced in pen where the birds could go outside.

The Brookline Health Department is reviewing all of the plans. Some residents fear the health risks associated with having chickens such as feces because chicken feces can attract pests and rodents.

The fate of Bob Kraft’s chickens will be resolved within the next week.

Let it be known that here at CondoDomain we give two thumbs up to Kraft in his attempt to raise chickens!!! Bob Kraft has given us three super bowls in recent years and a competitive professional soccer team! If he wants to wake up to a couple of fresh eggs in the morning or provide some entertainment for his grand children then by all means.

If you need help finding a new home or relocating your chicken pen to the suburbs give us a call!

You and the chickens will be glad you did!

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