Got Errands?

I may  have just found simply the coolest, most awesome, most convenient, time saving, money saving, most awesome (did I say most awesome?) service in downtown Boston –

RunMyErrand is owned and operated by bootstrapped techie and entrepreneur peer – Leah Busque a local resident of Charlestown, MA (like me too!)

Never heard of it? Well RunMyErrand is a cross between Ebay & Craigslist.  Find out more here.

Ok – today was my first experience with RunMyErrand and I am here to share it with all of you.

1.  I logged onto the site and set up a profile…yada yada yada.

2.  Ok.  Next, I set up an errand to run right online and submitted it.

3.  My Errand:

Two things: 1. Please come by my office and pick a small bag & my credit card. I need you to return a shirt & tie to Barney’s in the mall (Prudential Center).

2. Please also stop into Barnes & Nobles at the mall and pickup 1 book (2 copies) for me. Then I will need my credit card returned to me with the recipts and 1 book & the other book delivered to an associate down the street near my office.

(and please write the following note in the inside cover and deliver)

Ill leave out the details of a personal note to a dear friend…

My Price: I bid $20 for this errand.

Timeline: I needed this done by 4pm today.

And we’re off…

That task went out at approximately 9:45 a.m.

Within 10 minutes I got a text message and an email stating that the errand had been “taken” and ANGE N. was in route to come to my office!  WOW…how great, I thought to mysefl.

ANGE showed up at 12:00 professional and courteous and I went over the errand with him and gave him my American Express card (as I needed a credit on my card from Barney’s).  Well.  Its 1:45 and he’s back already.  Done, completed, recipts in hand, credit on my credit card, AMEX back on my wallet, new book on my desk and another book delivered to my dear friend.

So what are you missing here?  NOTHING!

This is simply a phenomenal new business that I see exploding very soon!

Good luck Leah and thank you!!!

More information check out and Leah’s Blog

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