Green Living in South Boston

If your like me and missed the premier of “The Greening of Southie” last week over in the independant theater in Cambridge…you can now watch it on OnDemand (assuming you have Comcast).

I watched it lastnight and I was totally blow away about what I didnt know about true Green living and how hard it is to obtain a Gold level of L.E.E.D certification. I take my hat off to Pappes Enterprises and especially Tim Papppas, visionary and developer behind the ultra-effecient and super sexy Macallen Building.

Who would have thought one of the most sophisticated and well though out residential buildings would be built in South Boston Well it is. The Macallen Building is nothing short of a work of art standing 11 stories tall over Dorchester Avenue in Southie.

Interested in green living, green architecture or of my new favorite Boston condo developments Check out The Macallen Building and watch the new independent film – The Greening of Southie.

Again – great work and hats off to the Pappas family for developing something that effects us all!!! Interested in buying in this work of art (Prices range from 500k – 2M).

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