Harbor Garage Redevelopment Denied

Donald J. Chiofaro, developer of International Place, had a plan to redevelop the parking garage in between the Boston Aquarium and the Harbor Towers condo site into a mixed-use property with two buildings, a 560 ft office tower and a 690 ft residential tower. That plan, however, has been squashed by Mayor Menino, The Boston Redevelopment Authority, and the secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs, Ian Bowles, who remarks, “The proposed project is at such wide variance from the applicable state and local permitting requirements currently in force that it simply cannot be constructed as currently designed.” Chiofaro, however, has overcome zoning restrictions before during his proposal of International Place, a twin-tower office complex completed in 1987, going through a similar struggle that lasted six years. Why do the buildings need to be so tall, 40 and 59 stories respectively, one official asked. Well, Chiofaro claims that the project is just not feasible without it, but considering the market now, who knows if he would even be able to fill those buildings even if he were to be granted the chance. Or maybe he’s just planning for another six year struggle with Boston’s building/zoning bureaucracy…

For the full article from our trusty friends at The Boston Real Estate Observer, click here.

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