Historical Fun, Wet n Wild Style

What happens when you mix history with squirt guns?! The Second Annual Revolutionary Gun Fight of course! Get wet n wild revolution style at this awesome event this Saturday hosted by Banditos Misteriosos. And I’m pretty sure this is something that would only happen in Boston.

At last year’s event, over 375 people particpating, rushing into battle and everyone is anticipating an even greater turnout this year. Complete with marching armies, drums, fifes, and bubble blowing robots, the Second Annual Revolutionary Gun Fight definitely sounds like an interesting, fun-filled time.

Participants are asked to register today by 6pm (sorry for the short notice, but I just found out myself!) so if you’re interested…sign up now!

Tonight an email will go out to participants of the Second Annual Revolutionary  Gun Fight detailing army assignment and meet up location.

Here is what is required:

– one UNLOADED water gun of your choice
– at least 3 filled two-liter bottles
– 1 backpack to hold water bottles
– 1 either red or blue shirt
– any other Revolutionary paraphernalia (this could get interesting!)
– your fighting vigor & a bandana!

Sign me up now please. Nothing better than a good, old-fashioned revolutionary water gun fight. See you tomorrow at 1:30pm!

Check out photos from last year’s Revolutionary Water Gun Fight to get in the spirit

Visit the Banditos Misteriosos website to learn more.

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