Holy Condos! South End Condo Project BRA Approved

The Boston Redevelopment Authority has officially approved a new South End condo development that will be located on the corner of West Brookline Street & Warren Avenue. The building will feature 9 new units comprised of South End condos and South End rentals with some parking available.

What is unique with this approval of more South End condos to be developed is that the current building is the Concord Baptist Church. Plans call for the doors at the church to be used as the exit for this South End condos project parking garage. This South End condo project has raised some concerns with Boston residents as to how the historical preservation of the church will be attended to.

Of those concerned, the South End Historical Society believes that alterations to the building will ultimately affect the overall original look of the church.

The Project Manager for the developer has said that this new South End condos project at Concord Baptist Church will be over an 18 month period where construction will begin from the inside out…starting in the basement. They are going to take their time in order to make sure that the building process does not disrupt the historical content of this South End church.

A South Boston church (pictured above) was recently renovated & converted into 44 Boston condos in 2003 located at 45 West Broadway that includes on-site parking. Apparently there is an interest in converting churches to condos, what do you think? It is a rather unique concept and creates a rather interesting Boston condo unit.

Stay tuned for more updates on these new South End condos & Contact us today for more information – 617.314.7704

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Photo Credit: Boston Real Estate Observer

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