Insane or Hate Money?

I got a very pleasurable and comical email from a current client the other day and it had the “quote of the year” —

“Congrats on all the new city expansions. With you out there you’d have to  be insane to use a traditional buyers agent. Either that or just hate money.”

I got a good chuckle out of that and thought I would share it with all of you!  He does have a point though.  Here @ CondoDomain we are pretty darn good at what we do, and we give you more than any other real estate broker is offering AND we cut you a huge check after the closing!

So who in their right mind, in this market is not going to buy through us?

Our clients on average are getting more than $13,000 back from at closing!!!

Save a friend or 2 a few thousand dollars and tell them about us!  Please

We work with every single buyer on our innovative FLAT FEE business model and we REFUND the remainder of the commission  BACK TO YOU, the buyer!

More on:  Real Estate Rebates | Buyers Brokers | Our Team

Happy Friday

PS: We are also open in Dallas

PSS: We will be open in Atlanta | Charlotte | DC | Baltimore & Philadelphia very very soon!

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