Jamaica Plain Brewery Lofts Go To Auction

So… you want a gorgeous brand new loft to live in here in Boston?  A must see is the American Brewery Lofts.  Yes this project has been around a few years now and has sold some units retails.  Here at CondoDomain we have always liked this project, it was just stretching it at the retail price point – but now (FINALLY) they have hit the auction block.

If you are interested in a loft condominium in Jamaica Plain (on the fridge of the Longwood Medical District) this is the building for you.

There WILL be incredible deals here (and if you buy with us – you get bonus CASH BACK at closing *)

Got questions call us t 877 852 6636

If you are a new visitor to our blog or the CondoDomain Boston website & local team please read on here to see our past experiences with Auctions here in Boston.

We have personally been involved in every condo auction that has taken place in the metro Boston area and have totaled 10% of the sales of every auction including The 1850 Lofts Auction, Longwood Towers Auction, Nouvelle at Natick Auction and most recently the super-luxury Bryant Back Bay Auction.

If you are interested in buying at an Auction – you want to BUY WITH US!!!

Here is a quick video that we took last year at The 1850 Auction

Get More Information On The American Brewery Lofts and See Photos Here

* Bonus Cash Back – The auctioneer pays a co-broker commission to any buyers agent who refers you to the development.  This fee is paid by the developer.  If you choose us to bring you to the project, we share some of that commission with you.  Go alone or with another agent, you get nothing, go with US you get CASH BACK!!! More information please call 877 852 6636

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