Lets paint our cabs yellow!

Over a dinner meeting with Goldman Properties Exec Albert Price we chatted about the new Boston. We were talking about his new thriving neighborhood under development – Boston Wharf over in the Seaport District. Its so interesting watching a developer like Goldman Properties build a neighborhood from the street up adding retail, restaurant and other pedestrian oriented activities to the neighborhood.

Then it popped into my head. What do you imagine when you think about busy street life, urban activity, live, work play neighborhoods, great nightlife, etc. etc. Yellow Cabs, right Well in Boston we have those dirty old white cab’s with the brownish stripe down the side ugly and they are the short doors, so they are a pain in the you know what to get in and out of them!

Mr. Menino, if you want to improve the quality of life in Boston’s street scene & community. We need to get the extended (NY City Style) Crown Vic’s and paint them Yellow When I see a swarm of Yellow Cabs I think and feel the excitement.

Anyone with me on this one

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