Longwood Auction: Private Tours With CondoDomain

Lots of action still buzzing around the Longwood Auction which is coming up very shortly.  Just our firm alone has drummed up more than 50 inquiries regarding the Longwood Towers Auction to take place on April 4th!

If you are intersted in possibly bidding at the auction you must go and tour the units beforhand.  The auction sales center has been very flexible and is open everyday.

Jessica, Tim will be spending a good chunk of our week over at Longwood Towers touring the units with potential bidders. If you are interested in attending this auction, please feel free to come meet us at Longwood Towers any day this week by scheduling a time with us.

Both Jessica and Tim will be covering a big chunk of the week and I will be there almost all day Saturday so feel free to contact me as well.

Longwood Auction Pricing

Setup an appointment to tour with Jessica or Tim

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