Luxury Resorts on the Cape Bounce Back

I’m sitting in my office and it’s thundering like mad and pouring rain on this Tuesday evening, so it’s a little hard to imagine a lavish Cape Cod resort filled with vacationers (Yankees if they’re not from MA), but this article felt like a nice fit for a day-after-Memorial-Day post.

Globe correspondent Robert Preer posted this article about a week ago, so I bet these resorts are really back into full swing after the big Memorial Day boost. Here are a few excerpts to give you an idea of what this article’s all about:

Luxury Returns to the Cape (After slumping with the economy, resorts say bookings, rates on rise.)

“Last year, our [room] rates fell 9 percent, which actually wasn’t as bad as some of our competitors,’’ said Robert Newman, general manager of the Cape’s largest luxury complex, Ocean Edge Resort and Golf Club in Brewster. This year, he said, they are up 17 percent. “We’re finally up higher than what we lost,’’ Newman said.

Having weathered the worst economic times in a generation, resort managers say they are looking forward to a busy summer.

“It has changed in a very favorable manner,’’ said Mark Novota, managing partner of the Wequassett Resort and Golf Club in Chatham. “Bookings are up 7 percent for the year. We expected a much more sluggish recovery.’’

Paul Zuest, general manager of Chatham Bars Inn in Chatham, said: “Our corporate business has increased, and our transient business also is improving. It started last fall and early this year. The phones started ringing.’’

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