Marathon Monday, not just about the race!!

Bostonians unite! The Boston Marathon is right around the corner and on April 19, an estimated 500,000 people will be spectators to the race, cheering on the 25,000 contenders in the oldest annual city race in the country. So huge.

The Marathon takes place on the third Monday in April; the centerpiece of a pseudo-holiday in Massachusetts called “Patriots Day.” What are we celebrating? Does anyone really know? Basically, it’s an excuse for college students, state workers and employees to take the day off from work, be outside and watch other people accomplish their goals while they stand and drink beer. They’ve been doing this for 106 years.

The media explodes with stories on the race, and suddenly, the state comes together when there is nothing else on TV to watch other than the amazing, inhuman athletes attack this world famous course.

Over the years, the runners have evolved and so have the people who watch. While the runners who participate have trained for grueling months on end, the spectators will fight their own battle on this ceremonial day. It’s dog eat dog in the stands, and with eager friends and family to catch a glimpse of their loved ones, you’d better watch your back. There are some tactics involved in trying to spot our loved ones, so be sure to follow some general rules. First, stay put. Trying to get from one end of the course to another is likely to only get you stuck somewhere (many roads are closed, though the T stops remain open). Second, dress for it! 26.2 miles is quite a distance, so you could be waiting at the finish line for a long time. Remember that this is New England, the land of the unpredictable elements. Lastly, try and keep in mind as you drink your beer and eat your street sausage that the runners before you are running their run of a lifetime; a mind and body feat that is incomparable for most athletes. So cheer them on!

One of the things that makes Boston special is the energy, enthusiasm, and support provided by spectators. Boston prides itself on having the best and most knowledgeable spectators in the sports world, and make no mistake about it, they are active participants in the race. Of course, watching the race isn’t as glamorous as running (and you don’t get the bragging rights), but it is both rewarding and fun in its own way, so support your favorite athlete and enjoy your day playing hooky.

Check out these homes on the Boston Marathon route!!

527 Commonwealth Ave (Newton, MA)

50 Garrison Road (Brookline)

349 Commonwealth Ave (Boston)

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