March Madness Hits Boston

You know that really boring time between the end of the NFL Football season and the opening day of MLB Baseball…we all know it’s always a drag. And the one thing that seems to hold us over…March Madness!

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship began with tip off at noon today! Hopefully you have all filled out your brackets. Especially if you’re like me, the brackets really help hold your interest

North Carolina, Louisville, Pittsburgh, UConn are picked as some of the favorites this year, but just like every year, the most exciting part of watching the tournament is watching an underdog upset the favored team.

Finally, we have some sports excitement back in our lives! (Sorry Celtics, but your season gets more interesting in a few months).

With all of these games running for March Madness, where are the best places to watch in Boston? I have been brainstorming some of the best places around Boston to watch March Madness. I based my picks on the best options for each neighborhood around Boston according to the number of tvs available and sports bar atmosphere. Because after all, we want to be able to watch ALL of the excitement! Here are a few of my choices.

1. Game On- Fenway
2. The Fours- North Station
3. The Place- Financial District
4. Atlantic Beer Garden- Seaport District
5. The Stadium- South Boston
6. Hill Tavern- Beacon Hill
7. McGreevy’s- Back Bay

Feel free to let me know your favorite spots too! I’m all ears. So put on your favorite team colors and let’s all be happy for March Madness in Boston!

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