Minimum Pricing Released: Broadluxe Auction

Minimum Bids pricing JUST RELEASED for the Broadluxe Auction. To access this information you have to login to the website and click on the “Unit Tab” for details and floor plans.

Also what Broadluxe DID NOT have when they first came to market was parking. Broadluxe is now offering deeded parking (valet parking too!). The parking spots are located in the Folio underground garage which is located right across the street – very convenient.

If you are interested in the Broadluxe Auction located in downtown Boston please do check out the website and register. The site is packed with every piece of information you need. Also, pretty much the entire minimum pricing list and floor plans are available.

DON’T FORGET! We have previews scheduled Thursday 3PM-7PM, Saturday 10AM-12Noon, and Tuesday from 10AM-2PM

If you are interested in bidding on a unit(s) at the Broadluxe Auction, MAKE SURE to contact us so we can REGISTER you. Letting us register you allows us to represent you as a buyers broker at the auction. This also allows you to take part in our innovative business model which refunds you back cash at closing for the majority of our commission. (Our average client gets back more than $13,000 at the closing!)

The Auction is set to be held on June 21st @ 10:00 a.m.

Auction Location

Langham Hotel
250 Franklin Street
Boston, MA 02110

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