Misguided Press taken back on our blog

Last week one of our bloggers (re-quoted), as we often do, an article that was published on Boston.com.  Unbeknown to our newest blogger – the story was about on of our close peers – Michael Carucci, President/Principle of ERA Boston Real Estate Group. Fortunately I have known Michael since I wiggled my way into the Boston Condo market back in 2003, so I got a chance to speak with him personally late last week on this topic.  Just as I suspected, exaggerated untruths and talentless “spins” by the local press to create a juicy story is what sparked this topic (hence why we have removed the blog post from our website).

I want to respectfully offer up an apology from the Boston Condo Loft blogging team and from myself personally for contributing to the circulation of an awful personal experience.  Michael has been an wonderful person to work with through all of our dealings between our companies and personally as a friendly neighbor.  We wish him good luck & support through this time right now and hope everything works out in an amicably and most importantly safe manner.

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