North End Condos Under $400,000

A good friend of mine is looking to purchase his first Boston condo and has been on the search for the past year or so. He has debated on whether he wants to move into a newly constructed full service Boston condo luxury unit or whether he would just like to purchase a condo unit that is not in a full service building. After a long discussion about condo fees and what he was looking to spend, we narrowed our search down to North End condos under $400,000.

My search revealed several North End condos under $400,000 that were available. The North End is a great place to live in Boston, although sometimes quite pricey. It was great to learn how many North End condos under $400,000 are currently on the market.
Here is a list of North End condos under $400,000

105 Prince St #4, 2 Bd 1 Ba, 750 sq ft, $399,000

25 Clark St #3, 2 Bd 1 Ba, 606 sq ft, $389,000

1 Unity St #2F, 2 Bd 1 Ba, 585 sq ft, $359,000

19 Salutation St #21, 1 Bd 1 Ba, 540 sq ft, $339,000

20 Cleveland Place #4, 2 Bd 1 Ba, 463 sq ft, $325,000

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