Northpoint Condo Project Still Unresolved

by way of the BostonREB.

Here’s the latest, courtesy of a reader (on BostonREB).

The last notification I received didn’t even have a closing date assigned. They indicated that a date would be given to me once an occupancy permit was issued. The sales office seemed to think February, but they really have no clue.

The Sierra building looks totally complete, and I had actually been inside a couple of times.

Aside from the occupancy permit, it seems that there are some legal problems. A registry of deeds search on the seller – sierra plus tango llc – returns some good information on the multiple liens for both the Sierra and Tango buildings.

Another buyer I was in touch with told me that her mortgage broker found out that 15 of 30 buyers had gotten their deposits back already. This was before I backed out and I know of another buyer who should be out soon as well.

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