Nouvelle Condo Auction – Questions? Ask Us!

Lots of buzz in the air last week about the most recent (Boston area) condo auction – Nouvelle at Natick Collection, which is auctioning off 42 units to re-jump-start the stagnant sales they have had out there through their 2 year development window.

Here at CondoDomain Boston we realized that condo auctions traditional have not been part of our marketplace.  Unlike some of the other condo markets we are in 0 Miami, Las Vegas, Phoenix – the northeast has not experience sales processes like the 1 day condo auction event.

We have had extensive experience in dealing with condo auctions the past few years all of the country and even right here in Boston.  This year alone we have had had enormous successes working with our clients and being the #1 sales team for both the Longwood Towers condo auction and The 1850 condo auction!

Download the condo auction reports:

Longwood Towers Condo Auction Results (Brookline, MA)

The 1850 Condo Auction Results (South End, Boston)

The Nouvelle condo auction, just like Longwood Towers and The 1850 is being put on by Accelerated Marketing Partners (AMP) who does a fantastic job.  We work very closely with the AMP team and they have always catered to our clients with VIP service.

We realize that you have many questions regarding the Nouvelle condo auction and we welcome any and all questions even if you are unsure you would like to attend so please feel free to call us anytime – 617.314.7704.

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Watch the Nouvelle at Natick Condo Movie (we made this) 🙂

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