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Today I woke up to a phone call asking how many stories 45 Province was up to now (client was trying to judge estimated completion date). Well, last I knew they were up around 15 floors. Anyway, I put my client on hold for a minute and jumped into my firefox and queried a few searches in trusty old – GOOGLE.

Side note: Now, I have been developing this real estate website for over 3 years. Going through 2 platform changes, 3 different versions, updating databases and implenting new technologies…I almost forgot how much the web has really changed the landscape of searching for real estate online. Jease….everything is on here!

Anyway I popped up some links for 45 Province including our own site, some local blogs, other real estate portals like Trulia, Zillow & Redfin and….I came across a flickr account that had 45 Province tagged in a whole set of photos. BINGO!

45 province

Within 3 minutes, I had the answer. On a photo uploaded on March 11th, 45 Province seemed to be up to the 18th floor. (Thank you BostonCityWalk – flickr guy). PS – I think we need to get this guy on retainer…hes really doing a great job covering the Boston real estate market and new construction photos! (Check out all 45 Province Flickr photos)

Also another cool one (not avail in every city yet…but we have it in Boston) is the new “Google Street View” images (below). Google has mapped all of Boston with these rooftop mounted cameras on Google vans and took street level photos of every street, building and people that were walking about that day. There not current…but they are not that old either. See the Google Street view of 45 Province below,


I dont think there is much to say to top of this post. WEB 2.0 is definitely making an impact in the real estate vertical as it has made a huge impact on many other industries. Is real estate the next consumer ‘taken over’ industry I think in many regards it is already happening…


Photo Source: Boston Condo Guy, Flickr & 45 Province

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