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Here is a great article on all the new tools and innovative companies and what they are bringing to consumers via the web. With the launch of our new website, we are obviously very intersted in hearing feedback from you on how we can improve our website & information gathering.

What is most important to you (above and beyond the basics): Community Information School Information Neighboorhood Info Crime News Etc

The Web has helped home buyers find places to live for years, through real-estate agencies’ sites and classified listings. But now a number of sites have emerged that provide a raft of information beyond price, location and photos.

Among other things, these sites allow house hunters to screen prospective neighbors, evaluate school districts and see how members of the community rate a street’s Internet connectivity and cellphone service. Shoppers can keep abreast of the news in a neighborhood they’re considering, and get alerts when houses list for sale or restaurants open — or when a registered sex offender moves to the area. Consumers can find energy-efficient homes and compare locations by levels of toxic waste or drought conditions. And both buyers and sellers can join discussions with others who are in the market and real-estate professionals.

All of this information can be particularly helpful in turbulent real-estate markets like today’s, when many people would welcome greater assurance that they’re making the right decision. Continued…

Source: Real Estate Journal

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