Pappas Considering Sound Stage In Southie

Developer Tim Pappas is floating plans to build an L.A.-style movie production complex on a vacant lot he owns at the corner of West First and E streets, according to state Rep. Brian Wallace (D-South Boston), who was briefed on the proposal.

Pappas, who has dabbled in movie making himself even as he rolls out upscale Southie condo projects, is looking to cash in on the Hub’s new reputation as a mecca for Hollywood filmmakers.

Massachusetts became a top filming destination after the passage of a bill that provides millions in tax credits for productions that shoot locally.

However, the current boom is limited by the state’s lack of movie production facilities, forcing movie crews and producers to fly back to L.A. after a few weeks or months.

We highly encourage the cultivation of infrastructure, because that will solidify our position as a leader in film production, said Rich Krezwick, managing director of the Massachusetts Sports & Entertainment Commission. Continued…

This is the best idea I have heard in a long time. I will be a shame if we don’t get this built, this would be a huge addition to downtown Boston and Southie and will be a great economical and social stimuli for the city. Lets help make this happen!!!

Pappas has recently developed Court Square Press & The Macallen Building

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