Party With the Pilgrims

Still searching for Thanksgiving 2008 plans? Why don’t you head down to Plymouth, MA where it all began. Party it up this Thanksgiving- Pilgrim style.

As you all know (I hope) Plymouth is the site of the Mayflower landing in 1620 and is home to the Plimoth Plantation living history museum. About an hour drive south of Boston, Plimoth Plantation hosts Thanksgiving meals to capture the essence of the first ever Thanksgiving. They offer dishes of the time period so you can get the idea of what the first Thanksgiving was like! Thanksgiving is celebrated across the country and residents of Boston are fortunate to be so close to where it all began.

Located on the site of America’s first permanent English settlement, Plimouth Plantation features a re-created 1627 village including costumed colonists offering stories of the food, customs, and culture of the pilgrims and native Wampanoag Indians.

The town of Plymouth offers numerous Thanksgiving Day 2008 events so if you want to switch up the typical eat-food coma-football-pass out Thanksgiving Day line up head down to Plymouth, the piglrims will be partying.

Happy Thanksgiving Boston!

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