Pay Your Rent With American Express

n awsome new luxury development which is looking prettttttty sharp these days!!!This isn’t that new, I wrote about this a few times last year on our Corporate Blog here, here & here – but I am still so surprised why this has not exploded yet?  I mean who wouldn’t want to have their rent auto-payed on their American Express or Visa Credit Card?  Related Group is still the only company I know who is doing this as they explain in detail on the Related Rentals website.

Maybe an exclusive contract with Visa & AMEX?

Using your credit card to pay your rent could fund your annual European vacation.  I mean lets say you spend $3,000 per month on rent.  That $36,000 points for the year which will get you across the Atlantic flying coach on Virgin!

All kidding aside…does anyone else that having a credit card function for luxury rentals makes sense???

Speaking of Related.  We have our first Related Project in town – The Clarendon – a

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