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‘PROJECT: Development’ is a new series of BLOG postings and articles that you should expect to see in 2009.  ‘PROJECT: Development’ will drill down and extract the in’s and out’s of all the hot new luxury developments and lofts in downtown Boston.  Forget ‘price per square foot’ and how many bedrooms…you can pull all of that off MLS.  ‘PROJECT: Development’ will give you the MEAT you are looking for!

From sales volume and pricing adjustments to unique units & hidden features, we plan to take you through all the hot and not so hot Boston condo developments.

What should you expect?

Well…we will give you the skinny on what is going on in that development (yes the good, bad and the ugly).  We will also be posting great photography and even VIDEO for our not so shy developers & marketing peers.

Here are two test ‘PROJECT: Development’ articles we did this year:  “Condolicious: Northpoint”  & “Checkin’ out The 1850

Developers Make Contact With Us ASAP!

Erica is already filling her schedule for ‘PROJECT: Development’.  Make sure you are not left out and you get the ‘transparent’ version of your property EXPOSED via ‘PROJECT: Development’. Contact Erica

How can you find ‘PROJECT: Development’ articles on our site/BLOG?

1.  You can read our blog everyday so you never miss a ‘PROJECT: Development’ .

2.  You can check in on our blog once in a while and visit the CATEGORY – ‘PROJECT: Development’ .

3.  You can sign up to get our blogs right in your inbox via FeedBurner auto-email blog.

Have a project that you want to get the skinny on? Email Erica (erica [at]

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