Purchasing a Boston Condo? Choose a Real Estate Firm that Specializes in Your Niche Market

If you are considering purchasing a Boston condo, seek out a real estate firm that specializes in exactly what you need. As a Boston condo buyer, you may want to look for a real estate firm that is an exclusive buyers broker and one that focuses on or even works exclusively with Boston’s condo market.

By working with a buyers brokerage rather than a generalist real estate agent as you search for a Boston condo, you will receive unbiased suggestions. If an agent has both buyer clients and seller clients, it is in their best interest to sell one of their clients Boston condos to their own buyers because the agent can then earn the entire commission typically 5-6% rather than split it with the buyers broker. However, by working with a buyers brokerage, rather than a generalist agent, there is no risk of having certain Boston condos pushed harder during the selection process. Additionally, exclusive buyers brokers negotiation skills for the buyers-side are typically much more refined due to experience in working for buyers only.

Boston’s condo market has subtle differences in comparison to the Boston real estate market, which is why it is important to research your real estate firm’s track record with Boston condo sales. A firm that specializes in Boston condos can explain the pros and cons of living in certain developments and certain neighborhoods in the city, helping you find the best Boston condo for your specific needs.

One innovative company to check out is CondoDomain.com. Not only do they specialize in Boston condo sales and exclusively work with buyers, they also give their clients a refund of the commission they receive from the seller’s agent after subtracting a low flat fee of $5,000. So, if you were to purchase a Boston condo for $500,000, you would receive a check after closing for $10,000. To learn more about how CondoDomain’s business model works and to see their Boston condo listings, visit www.Boston.CondoDomain.com.



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