Relocating to Boston?

It looks like is becoming the official online source for individuals looking to relocate to Boston. For some reason this month (May) we have been contacted by a bunch of clients looking to relocate here to our lovely city we call Boston.

So, how can we help you relocate to Boston?

1) Every Listings For Sale: Every listing for sale including all Boston MLS, New Developments, Luxury Buildings, Lofts, Foreclosures & FSBO and even Auctions are listed on our site? so you can start your search here.

2) Tight Schedule: If you are on a limited time schedule, we can help narrow down your search online so that when you get here we can spend a solid 1-3 days looking at property that actually interest you, fits your lifestyle & personal needs. Register on our site and start savings listings so we can help you review & narrow your search.

3) Financing: Depending on where you are relocating from, Boston may scare you with the price of real estate in the metro Boston area, but dont worry there is a place for everyone and we have some really great mortgage professionals who can help you with financing. Check out our finance page for referrals.

4) Airport Pick Up Service: (kidding) well, actually we would be happy to pick you up at the airport if the gas prices ever come down! Just call us…I am sure one of us will be happy to come get you from Logan!

5) A to Z: We are a small efficient team of urban condominium specialists and we keep a great team together including finance professionals, insurance and attorney professionals all the way to moving companies. Feel free to call us anytime for more information or a referral upon your relocations to Boston!

If you’re looking to move downtown, there is no better online source than our site. Every listing for sale is on our site and updated daily. Also all of our Team Members live downtown and are part of this unique city and its great neighborhoods so we can really give you an insight on each and every neighborhood and building in Boston. Oh ya…dont forget, when you buy with you will also save a bundle (maybe help pay for your moving expenses). Check out our innovative flat fee commission business model!

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