Romney Looking For Boston Condo

Word on the street is that Mitt Romney may be shopping for some new digs downtown Boston. Our former governor may quite possibly be someone’s new neighbor in a sweet Boston condo.

His kids have left home, the big yard is too much, and his uber expensive failed run for the White House is over- Mitt is coming to downtown Boston everyone! Now…just where will he decide to live?

Rumor has it that he is selling his property in Utah (worth around $5 million) and his Belmont estate (currently worth around $3 million). Apparently he is going to hold onto his oceanfront place in California (worth around $12 million).

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that Romney has a good chunk of change to spend on a new Boston condo. If he sold both the Utah and Belmont estates that leaves him with $8 million to spend on a new Boston condo to break even.

Now this is simply for fun, I am not stating that he is looking to spend $8 million on a Boston condo, he may want to spend less, he may even want to spend more. Whatever Mr. Former Governor would choose to do is by all means his option.

Just for fun, I ran a search on the Boston condo search feature on our CondoDomain Boston website and then pulled up properties that MAY possibly be of interest to dear Mitt. In the search areas I checked the Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Bay Village, North End, Waterfront, West End, and South End neighborhoods. For added fun, I put a price minimum of $6,000,000 and a maximum price of $12,000,000.

After this search I discovered 10 results for Boston condos currently available!

Below is a list of the 10 Boston condos currently on the market, readily available for Mitt move-in. Additionally I have listed the amount of savings he would save if he were to purchase that new Boston condo through CondoDomain. Take a close look:

220 Boylston St unit #1610, (Four Seasons Place) 2 Bd 2 Ba, 1,801 sq ft, $10,000,000
Savings Through CondoDomain = $195,000

128 Commonwealth Ave, 6 Bd 5 Ba, 9,000 square feet, $9,995,000
Savings Through CondoDomain = $194,900

776 Boylston #PH1-C (Mandarin Oriental Boston), 3 Bd 4 Ba, 5,100 sq ft, $9,950,000

Savings Through CondoDomain = $243,750

56 Chesnut St, 5 Bd 5 Ba, 6,049 sq feet, $8,570,000
Savings Through CondoDomain = $170,000

93 Beacon, 12 Bd 2 Ba, 11,727 sq feet, $8,500,000
Savings Through CondoDomain = $122,500

20 Brimmer St, 5 Bd 4 Ba, 5,700 sq ft, $7,950,000
Savings Through CondDomain = $193,750

198 Commonwealth Ave, 5 Bd 3 Ba, 7,500 sq ft $7,900,000

Savings Through CondDomain = $153,000

1 Huntington Ave #PH 1801 (Trinity Place), 5 Bd 5 Ba, 4,265 sq ft, $7,000,000

Savings Through CondDomain = $135,000

2 Avery St Unit #32 E/F, 4,200 sq feet, $6,900,000
Savings Through CondoDomain = $167,500

500 Atlantic Ave #21K (Intercontinental Residences), 4 Bd 4 Ba, 4,752 sq ft, $6,450,000
Savings Through CondDomain = $156,250

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