Sex Sells Condos

If it hasn’t already … it will. Visit apartment 9-A and meet “Stefan” and his new friend.

“Stefan” works in hedge funds. He has this killer apartment in District, that new building on Ann Street. Thursdays, he has his buddies over for single malts in the billiards room. Shops at Prada, spends Saturdays gallery-hopping in Chelsea. Dinners at the Spotted Pig, nightcaps at the Bowery Hotel. He?d be a catch if he were ready to settle down.

And if he actually existed. Stefan is a fiction, a full-size Sim. District wont be completed until this summer. And apartment 9-A is just a set piece, a fantasy built to sell condos.

Condominiums make up 56 percent of the residential sales in Manhattan, and even as the market shows (faint) hints of slowing, many of them are presold, from blueprints. Buyers dont have the imagination that we do, so you have to help them, says Shaun Osher, CEO of Core Group Marketing. Nor are they satisfied with multimedia simulations. Five years ago, everyone was doing virtual walk-throughs, says Nancy Ruddy of Cetra/Ruddy architects, which has designed dozens of luxury show units. But people want to touch and feel the environment. Back then we were asked to do models for maybe 50 percent of the projects we designed. Today, it’s more like 80 percent.


Source: NYMag

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