South End Condos

South End Condos
South End Real Estate = Trendy South End Condos and Lofts

South End real estate makes up one of the most popular communities in the city. Boston’s first planned community is now the country’s largest Victorian architectural district, much of which has been converted into luxury South End condos. Overall, tree-lined South End real estate is characterized by Victorian brick row houses and brownstones but also includes several new South End condo developments.

South End real estate owners are a diverse population including professionals, artists, and families along with a thriving gay and lesbian community. A significant number of artists have migrated to South End real estate and show their work in the area’s numerous chic art galleries. In addition to visiting galleries, a South End condo resident might spend the afternoon at a trendy cafe or shopping at small boutiques. As evening approaches, residents of South End condos can have dinner at a fashionable restaurant and end the night at one of the South End’s famous jazz bars.

Prices for South End condos tend to be on the higher end of the Boston market, just like Back Bay Condos and will likely continue to rise in the future. To find the South End condo that matches your lifestyle needs and will serve as an investment, contact the South End real estate experts at CondoDomain. At CondoDomain, we carry the top listings for South End condos, have open viewings, and skilled negotiators. Start looking for your South End condo now on our website or contact us to find out more about our services regarding any type of South End condos or other Boston Condos

My Neighborhood & the Hottest New South End Condos:
700 Harrison
Art Block
D4 Boston
Penny Savings Bank
The 1850
The Bryant
The Modern
The Penmark
27 Wareham
Albert A. Pope Building
Atelier 505
Gateway Terrace
Laconia Lofts
Minot Hall
Wilkes Passage

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