Sweet Treats Near You: Boston Bakeries

Yesterday was National Junk Food Day…I’m not kidding. Did you celebrate? I sure did. I am very fortunate to live in a neighborhood where bakeries are almost too plentiful and the battle to fight unwanted calories is almost always a losing one.

So in celebration of National Junk Food Day, I have decided to create a list for you, Boston Condo fans, of the best Boston bakeries according to Boston neighborhoods and in close proximity to our favorite Boston condos. Filled with tasty treats, yummy cookies, and creamy cupcakes, bakeries around Boston all offer something sweet, delicious, and there’s most likely one just down the street from your Boston condo.

Bring out your elastic sweatpants and bring on the chocolate…here is a list of Boston bakeries according to Boston neighborhoods, within walking distance to Boston condos!

Beacon Hill Condos
Cafe Vanille
70 Charles St

North End Condos

Bova’s Bakery
134 Salem St

Seaport District Condos
Flour Bakery & Cafe
12 Farnsworth St

South End Condos
South End Buttery
314 Shawmut Ave

South Boston Condos
Sweet Tooth Boston
371 W Broadway

Midtown Condos
One Columbus Avenue
Park Plaza

Back Bay Condos
49 Massachusetts Avenue

Charlestown Condos
1 Monument Ave
100 City Square

Okay…I have to stop writing now. I’m too hungry to write anymore. Check out more Boston condos & neighborhoods. I’m off to go grab a cupcake – or two. 🙂

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