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Redfin Proves Far Better Negotiations (Good News For Us Too)

In a press release today our pals on the west coast – Redfin – launched a study that proves their discount brokerage operations not just saves the customer a commission refund but actually gets them a much better price on their home compared to traditional real estate brokers.
Interesting…sound familiar. Many of you who follow this blog know that we have modeled many of our niche condominium flat fee brokerage concept off of Redfin’s initial concept. There is no question when you specialize in something and set up an earnings schedule …

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Don’t throw stones yet

An awesome blog post…via our pal Kevin Boer – 3 Oceans Real Estate Blog. Lots of good quotes in this one…we will certainly leverage this PR in our model.
Redfin is the company everybody in the traditional real estate industry loves to hate. Theyll go bankrupt just like all discount firms do when the market turns bad. Can you believe how they force listing agents to do all the work Their agents don’t have a clue about the market!
Deride Redfin if you want, be skeptical of its business model, take potshots …

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Flat Fee Real Estate Brokerage The Fair Way to Do Real Estate

In a typical real estate transaction, the seller pays the agent 5-6% of the total sale. The selling agent then splits this commission with the buyers agent, who keeps his 3% not so with a flat fee real estate brokerage firm. Why does the real estate agent make more money because a property is more expensive It just does not seem fair. This is why flat fee real estate brokerage firms like CondoDomain.com are dramatically changing the way traditional real estate is handled.
As a flat fee real estate brokerage, CondoDomain …

Purchasing a Boston Condo? Choose a Real Estate Firm that Specializes in Your Niche Market

If you are considering purchasing a Boston condo, seek out a real estate firm that specializes in exactly what you need. As a Boston condo buyer, you may want to look for a real estate firm that is an exclusive buyers broker and one that focuses on or even works exclusively with Boston’s condo market.
By working with a buyers brokerage rather than a generalist real estate agent as you search for a Boston condo, you will receive unbiased suggestions. If an agent has both buyer clients and seller clients, it …

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