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Live studio-style in the Back Bay

Everybody has to start from the bottom and work their way up in life — and homebuying is no exception, as far as having to get in on the ground floor is concerned, because that’s where the prices tend to be lowest.
But Unit 7 at 396 Beacon St. in Boston’s big-bucks Back Bay is an exception to the usual dime-a-dozen digs a low budget buys you. For $409,000, here you get a 568-square-foot architect-designed open-plan studio with a gleaming hardwood floor and an unusually high ceiling for a unit at …

Live affordably and creatively in Back Bay studio unit

“Only $289,000 to live in the Back Bay? With your own private entrance? Are you serious?” Yes. Just check out Unit B1 at 163 Beacon St. In this 520-square-foot, 1-bed garden-level studio with hardwood floors and updated kitchen and bath, you not only live amid the moneyed without their millions, but you create your own living space with no historical details to disturb or destroy.

From the minute you walk into your unit, the open-plan living-dining-foyer space is yours to freely arrange according to your matters of culture and convenience. The …

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