Textaurant aims to improve how we wait for our tables at restaurants. As opposed to waiting in a stuffy room for your name to be called or hanging on to one of those weird coaster-like transponders until it vibrates, Textaurant utilizes web-to-mobile technologies to send patrons a text message alert when their table is ready.

Working directly with a restaurant’s hosting station computer, the web-based waiting list management service works automatically when a hungry patron gives the host or hostess their cell phone number, and is sent a text message notification a few minutes before their table is ready. The service won’t cut down wait times, but it does allow patrons to leave the restaurant or stay at home while they wait.

The service also lets restaurants offer deals and specials to patrons via text message, an addition that Textaurant insists must be opted into by the patron himself/herself, opening a new window for restaurants in need of some additional revenue. Based out of Waltham, MA, Textaurant’s service is currently only available to restaurants in select Boston areas, one of which is the Burlington Chili’s and The Asgard in Cambridge.

Textaurant.com says:

Textaurant aims to create a dialogue between restaurants and patrons through the use of technology. Beginning with text messages that update patrons waiting for a table, and extending both before and after the meal, Textaurant connects restaurants with their customers for a more satisfying experience.
Several similar web-to-mobile services exist, however Textaurant is the only one targeting restaurants, so what do you think, will this local start-up take off?
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