The 1850 Loft Auction: 4 Days Away!

If you haven’t heard about The 1850 Lofts Auction yet, then you must learn now! These South End Lofts are going to auction and The 1850 Lofts Auction is just 4 days away. Taking place this Sunday, June 28th at the Westin Boston Waterfront in Boston’s Seaport District. Tours are still going on this week at The 1850 Lofts so if you haven’t had a chance to check out The 1850 Lofts, I would suggest heading over there soon!

Tours are running daily at The 1850 Lofts for The 1850 Lofts Auction and bidders are expected to arrived at 12pm on Sunday for the auction. The 1850 Lofts Auction will last approximately an hour and a half and all approved bidders must bring a $5,000 cashiers check. (Contact us for more details 617.314.7704)

The 1850 Lofts Auction will feature bids starting at just $175K for some loft units and square footage on The 1850 Lofts up for auction range from 679 square feet all the way to more than 1,500 square feet.

In addition to these dramatic steals for The 1850 Loft units at auction, here at CondoDomain we are offering even MORE incentives! In addition to our commission refund we will be giving back a bonus of $1,000 to anyone who contacts us via our Twitter promotion, check it out here!

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Contact Us today to schedule a tour of The 1850 Lofts or if you have any questions on The 1850 Lofts Auction! Give us a call at 617.314.7704

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