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We are glad someone stuck this post in the blog-o-sphere. We have enjoyed a few nights now at The Beehive in the South End and it is a spectacular place! Good Post by Pamela Jane’s Studio below(also more on

The Beehive is a new night spot in Boston that’s generating a lot of press, even before opening night. Boston Common Spring 2007 featured our son Bill and his partners as the “dream team behind the Beehive buzz.” Stuff@Night Players Issue 2007 counted them as players who are “making Boston nightlife click”. Der Spiegel and other foreign press are visiting this weekend to review this new hot spot that many hope will resurrect the old Jazz Workship at Copley Square where Nina Simone and Miles Davis hung out. Boston’s Center for the Arts leased out the vacant old boiler room site in Back Bay, at the other end of the block from the Cyclorama, wanting Bill’s team to develop a new young energy in the neighborhood. Bill’s vision behind all his lengthy reconstruction and reconfiguration led to this eclectic 2-story restaurant that kept the old brick curved walls and added funky chandeliers, bohemian wall hangings, French cafe seating, and a state-of-the-art sound system. The bars are constructed of recycled bits and pieces of local Boston. The doors to the wine garden (opening this summer) were salvaged from a local theater. His wife handled the lawyer details and helped him hire the artists who added their works, including for the restrooms, which are also wonderfully inventive. Continued…

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