The Bryant Condo Auction: CONFIRMED

The Bryant Condo Auction: CONFIRMED !!!

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After slight hesitation last week with rumors flying around that The Bryant Back Bay was going auction – todays Boston Globe story confirms that story.

Because of all of the speculation and rumors flying around I will be digging up all of the EXACT details of this upcoming auction and will be sending out a package on this by tomorrow.

For now The Bryant Back Bay Condo Auction is scheduled for October 17th and they will auction only 10 of these super luxury Back Bay condos.

As always we are expecting a VERY LARGE demand for information packs and to schedule tours.  If you would like more information on The Bryant Condo Auction please click below:

More Information or Schedule Tour

How This Auction Will Work …

Like many other Boston condo auctions in the past – Accelerated Marketing Partners (AMP) run by my friend and colleague Jon Gollinger will be heading up the The Bryant condo auction next month.  AMP runs a tight ship and you have to FOLLOW THE RULES accordingly to be prepared for auction day.

Register: To be allowed to attend the auction you MUST physically visit and tour The Bryant and fill out their pre-registration card.  Touring the condos will not cost you anything and will take you less than an hour (or of course you can take your time and spend the day).

Initial Visit: Here you will sign in at the front desk and be awarded a “Tour Tag” that allows you to roam the building and see all the available auction units at your own pace.  During your visit you will be able to sit and talk with an AMP salesperson and ask them any questions you may have about The Bryant or the auction process in general.  Also, they will have an on-site mortgage professional there where you can apply for a pre-approval or just ask questions.

Re-visit: You can visit the property as many times as you want prior to Auction day.

Bonus:  DO NOT SKIP THIS – AMP welcomes all buyers brokers and pays them a very handsome 2.5% co-brokerage commission (standard in Boston marketplace) for registering buyers to the auction.   As all of our investors and frequent followers of CondoDomain know – we offer our Commission Refund program on all auctions – this means CASH BACK to you.

Sound too good to be true?  Here are your options:

1.  Visit the property WITHOUT a CondoDomain agent, qualify for a unit, bid at the auction and win.  You now own a unit and you close on it – congrats.


2.  Visit the property WITH a CondoDomain agent, qualify for a unit, GET ADVICE and SUPPORT from your CondoDomain agent all along the way,  big at the auction and win.  You now own a unit and you close on it AND you now get CASH BACK from the commission paid to us by AMP.  Congrats and here is a ton of cash

How Much Will You Save If You Work With CondoDomain?


Buyer Beware: You are NOT eligible for this program unless we accompany you to the property.  AMP has very strict rules – so make sure you contact one of our agents to meet you at the property & tour with you.

Questions? Call us (617-314-7704) or write us.

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