The Condo Contest (Canton, MA)

Win a 2 Bedroom Condo?or Lots of Other Great Prizes!

All it takes is a dash of creativity and $50 to enter!

A developer who is trying to sell 14 condominiums in Canton is giving one away through a $50-per-entry contest, being promoted online by a bikini-clad model, according to the Boston Herald.

John Quinn said his firm created the contest to market its Canton Park complex in a fun way. In a YouTube video posted on The Condo, model Giselle Sterling explains how people can win the $235,000 unit.The developer said the slumping housing market has left more than a dozen of the 74 apartments converted into condos two years ago unsold.

The contest calls for people to submit a written essay or YouTube video on one of four topics: Why you are Boston’s biggest sports fan, your most embarrassing moment, what your super power would be if you had one, or your or your pet’s unique talents.

Entries will be accepted until Sept. 30, the newspaper reported.

View Details of Contest Here

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