The Hunt for Luxury Boston Rental Listings

Lately, I’ve been playing the role of Boston rental agent. I know…your Director of Social Media is actually showing some clients around! Crazy huh?

Well…I read about Boston condo listings and as you can see, I write about them quite often as well. So I thought, hey why not help a few people out? I do have my real estate license after all, this is going to be fun!

Fun…eh not exactly, interesting? Yes. I have learned quite a lot of about Boston apartment rental listings lately and have toured some very cool Boston apartment rentals in the process. This time of year of course is always an interesting time to search for a Boston apartment rental…everyone wants something for September 1st.

However, there is has also been another influx to this high demand to Boston apartment rental listings…the increase in movie productions in our wonderful city. This has brought the Boston apartment rental market a whole new category: Short-term, furnished listings. While there are very few companies in the area who specialize in this market, there appears to be a need for this growing trend…and I am doing my best to help.

Along my search to find a few clients both September 1 Boston apartment rental listings and short-term, furnished Boston apartment rentals, I have discovered some unique & interesting units currently available on the market.

One of my favorites is the listing currently available in Boston’s South End. While its price range is way beyond reach for the majority of people, for those specifically looking for a short-term, furnished Boston luxury rental, this is IT. Located at 111 Pembroke Street, Unit 111 is a single family residence boasting 4 bedrooms, 3 full baths, 1 half bath, for a total of 12 rooms in this South End residences.

Resting on a charming tree-lined South End street between Columbus & Tremont, Unit 111 at 111 Pembroke St offers 5,000 sq ft of custom renovations, elevator service to each of its four floors, direct access parking, panoramic views from its roof deck, gourmet kitchen, and best yet…it is SHORT-TERM & FURNISHED!

Talk about luxury living in Boston without the commitment of buying. All of this for $13,000 a month.

I realize that not everyone can afford to pay $13,000 a month on a rental…but it’s always interesting to check it out! My search for rentals has ranged from anywhere from a budget of $1,000 a month all the way to listings similar to this unit, so if you need help locating an apartment in Boston – Contact Us today! Or give us a call at 617.314.7704

Happy Hunting!

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