There’s an App for Home-Buying Too?

Yup, there’s an app for that. As we all should know by now, the internet is where it’s at. Scratch that. It’s where everything’s at, and real estate is no exception. So it’s only logical for real estate agencies, listing services, and the like to bring their offerings to the latest internet sensation, the smartphone app. App’s are great, they make accessing your favorite web-related service a breeze by saving you the trouble of typing web addresses on those tiny little keys with an easily accessible mini-software package that you can download directly to your smartphone. Click on your app and whoosh, you’re favorite service is there in an accessible format that was built specifically for your mobile device. But what real-estate related services could one possibly need attached to their hip, well, you’d be surprised…

First, having MLS listing information at your fingertips is a great feature. Say you’re on vacation and you really like where you’re staying, let’s say its Cape Cod. You’re cruising around with the top down and you see an open house sign on a cute little cape with a crushed-shell driveway; you want to go check it out but you can’t decide because you’re with the family on vacation. BOOM! You whip out your iPhone, do a quick MLS search, and there you have it: the asking price is too high, vacation continues, crisis averted.

Second, having real-time updates on properties can also be a lifesaver. Let’s stick with the same Cape Cod vacation scenario, except this time, after your quick MLS search, the house is in your price range. By this point you’re already a few miles past the house, so when you get back to the condo you’re renting, you tell your wife to hang out with the kids while you swing by the open house. You pull up the MLS listing from before to double-check the address and BAM! your app tells you it’s just been sold. Great, you can get back to your vacation, no time wasted.

Also, home-search apps in general can be very useful. If you’re curious about the particular neighborhood you’re strolling through, the app will locate your position with the phone’s built-in GPS and instantly you can have all the property listings in the area at your fingertips as well as a list of homes that have sold recently and at what price.

So who has these apps? Well,, Trulia, and Smarter Agent, all currently offer free home-search apps, and here at CondoDomain, ours is still being developed.

In the meantime, just check out our website,!

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